Why is my child's name not on the list of available names?

This may be because your child's name is rare or has an unusual spelling, but the name may also be pronounced the same way as another name on our list. The elves recommend that you enter your child's name with a more common spelling (e.g. Isabel instead of Izabel; Anthony instead of Antony), or use language specific characters, or listen to the different options proposed by the dropdown menu.

Don't forget that there's a distinction between "display" and "audio". Santa will display the name in his magical Big Book.

Other options:
1. If your child's name is not available, you can choose to have Santa say a nickname, such as "sweetheart" or "darling".

2. If you'd like to submit a new name, please contact the elves HERE and select Requesting a First name in the "What action are you having trouble completing?" field of the form. We can't promise every name will be added, but new names are added every year. You never know, it may be there next year!

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