What if my child's name is not on the list of available names?

This may be because your child's name is rare or has an unusual spelling, but the name may also be pronounced the same way as another name on our list. The elves recommend that you enter your child's name with a more common spelling (e.g. Isabel instead of Izabel; Anthony instead of Antony), or use language specific characters, or listen to the different options proposed by the dropdown menu.

If this doesn't sound quite right, select See other options, and you will see a list of close matches that may be what you're looking for, or nicknames that you can use instead. Remember that once you pick one, you can still change the spelling of your child's name without changing the pronunciation.

Still not right? Users who have made a purchase during the pre-season have the option to request a new pronunciation, and record exactly how it sounds, so that the elves can get it added to our database! Simply follow the instructions in the menu and wait for an email update. Just remember that it can take time to add, so make sure you make your requests early in the season!

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