Why is Santa saying the wrong age in the Birthday Video?

When you create a birthday video message, the birth date is used to calculate the child's birthday and age when their next birthday comes around. This means that if the video was created after their birthday, it will calculate the age the child will be next year.

If you want your Birthday Video to be viewed AFTER the birth date, the elves suggest the following:
1. Go to My Creations > My Videos.
2. Click Edit in the video details of the birthday video, then go to the first page of the form.
3. Change the birth year to set it one year later.
4. Click Save and accept the changes.
5. Go to My Creations and click the Play button in the video preview. Remember that the video will need to regenerate again.

You should now see and hear Santa say the correct age, even if you're watching the video after the birth date.

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