Why is Santa saying the wrong age in the Birthday Video?

When you create a Birthday video message, you must provide a birthdate. This birthdate calculates the child's age in real time—while the video is being viewed. In other words, the age is calculated the moment you watch the video, not the moment you create it. So, if the recipient watches the video after their birthday, Santa will think they are one year older (because that's the age they would be on their next birthday).

If you want your Birthday Video to be viewed AFTER the birth date, the elves suggest the following:
1. Click Log in at the top right corner of the page using your email and password combination, or by connecting with Facebook or Google.
2. Go to My Creations > My Videos.
3. Click Edit in the video details, then go to the first page of the form.
4. Change the birth year to set it one year later.
5. Click Save and accept the changes.
6. Go to My Creations and click the Play button in the video preview.

You should now see and hear Santa say the correct age, even if you're watching the video after the birth date.

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