How do I use a promo code?

To complete an order using a promotional code you were sent by email from a friend or Sanoma, the Chief SpokesElf:

1. Click the link sent to you in the email to open the PNP website.
NOTE: Promo codes cannot be used in the mobile app.
2. Log in using your username and password combination.
3. When initiating a purchase, it will open a checkout window. In this window, click Enter promo code.
NOTE: This clickable link is only visible when using a promotional email link.
4. Enter the promo code you received and click Apply. Be sure to copy the exact code you were given. Your promo code will be displayed above the new total.
5. Click Checkout to continue your purchase.
6. Select your payment method and complete your purchase.

You should now be the proud owner of an Unlimited Pass at a special discount price!

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