What are Premium Santa Videos?

Premium video messages from Santa are the most exciting treats you can surprise your loved ones with for Christmas! Magical story lines reveal exclusive footage from Santa's Village, with up to 6 minutes of Santa screen time. Choose from an array of scenarios featuring fun personalization items, such as the child's personality, close friends, habits, location, good deeds, desired gift, and more!

Available on the website or mobile app, Premium Videos let you add up to 5 photos and include a VIDEO EXCLUSIVE (the news everyone's been waiting all year for): Santa's Verdict. Has your loved one made Santa's Nice List this year?

All Premium Videos can be personalized with an unlimited pass or a single premium video purchase. With the Magic Pass, you can also download them as a keepsake until the end of September next year when the Pass expires.

NOTE: As long as you have an active Pass, you can access your videos at any time.

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