Why am I having trouble uploading a photo in the personalization form?

Make sure you're using one of the formats accepted by PNP: JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

The size of the photo is also very important. Be sure your photo has a minimum resolution of 640x480 pixels, and that you haven't exceeded the maximum size of 8 MB.

If you continue to have trouble, the elves suggest the following steps to resolve the issue:
1. Be sure to create a new recipient, using one from previous years can cause problems when uploading photos.
2. Make sure your device is connected to the Internet. You must have a connection to upload your photos to the PNP server.
3. Make sure your device's operating system is supported by the PNP application (iOS 8.0 or newer and Android 4.4 or newer). Older systems may have compatibility issues with the application.

If you are still having trouble uploading a photo, contact the elves HERE.

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