How do I make a Santa Call?

Calls are created in an easy 4-step process:
1. In the Parents Corner, tap Create Call.
2. Tap Personalize and select your recipient.
3. Fill in the required fields and tap Create call. Your personalized message will appear in My Creations > My Calls.
4. Only one thing left to do! Place your call.

To place your call:
1. Go to My Creations > My Calls.
2. Tap Place call next to your personalized message.
3. In the pop-up window, choose the destination country and enter the recipient's phone number.
NOTE: Make sure the area code automatically included is correct. Do not add spaces, periods, or dashes between the numbers.
4. Tap Call now. The call will be placed right away. The recipient must PRESS 1 to connect to Santa upon the elf's invitation.
NOTE: There may be a delay of about 15 seconds to 4 minutes before the recipient receives it. Depending on call volume, calls may be delayed further.

The elves highly recommend you ensure that your recipient is ready to pick up the call. Unfortunately, the Invengineers are not able to program this ahead of time.

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