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Reaction Recorder

  • What is the Reaction Recorder and how does it work?

    The Reaction Recorder is a feature that captures your child's look of amazement the first time they watch their video message from Santa! Once the recording is done, the elves save it as a video and store it in My Videos and Calls for you to view anytime.
    NOTE: This feature is only available with an active Video or Magic Pass and requires permission to use your device's camera and microphone.

    To use the Reaction Recorder:
    1. In the Parents Corner of the PNP mobile app or on the website (using Google Chrome), Go to My Videos & Calls > My Videos.
    2. Select the Santa Video you want to show your recipient.
    3. Select the Reaction Recorder icon (a video camera).
    4. Follow the steps to watch and record the reaction of your child.
    5. Once the recording is done and processed, go to My Videos & Calls > My Videos to view it.

    We also have a video showing the steps above.

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  • What devices are compatible with the Reaction Recorder?

    New in 2019, you can use the Reaction Recorder on our website if you use the Google Chrome browser.

    Any mobile device that supports the 2019 version of the PNP app should be able to run the Reaction Recorder.

    The PNP application works on Android 5.0 and up, and on iOS 11 and up. You'll always want to make sure that the PNP app is up to date. You can find more information about compatibility HERE.

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  • Can I save my reaction recording on my smartphone?

    Of course! You can save your recordings in your camera roll and view them anytime.

    To save your reaction recording:
    1. Go to My Videos & Calls > My Videos.
    2. Select the video that you want to save.
    3. In the My Recording window, select Download recording. Wait a few minutes for it to download.

    Your recording will appear in your device's camera roll or album. On a computer it will appear in your downloads folder.

    Please Note that due to browser limitations, downloads do not work on the Safari browser. We recommend Chrome.

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  • How do I use the Reaction Recorder?

    NOTA: questa funzione è disponibile solamente con un Pass Video, Magico o Supremo attivo e richiede di poter utilizzare la videocamera e il microfono del dispositivo. Il tuo dispositivo dev'essere dotato di videocamera frontale e il tuo computer deve avere un microfono e una videocamera.

    Per utilizzare il Registratore di reazioni:
    1. Nell'Angolo genitori dell'app mobile o del sito del PNP utilizzando Google Chrome, vai a I miei video e chiamate > I miei video.
    2. Seleziona il video di Babbo Natale da mostrare al destinatario.
    3. Tocca Registratore di reazioni.
    4. Segui le istruzioni per guardare e registrare la reazione del tuo bambino.
    5. Al termine della registrazione, accedi a I Miei Video E Chiamate > I miei video per guardarla.

     We also have a video showing the steps above.

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  • How do I save the reaction recording?

    At the end of the Santa Video, the recording stops automatically. You will be asked whether you would like save the recording.

    To save your recording:
    1. When the dialogue text appears, select Save.
    2. Wait for the elves to prepare your recording.

    After a few minutes, your recording will appear in My Videos & Calls > My Videos.

    To avoid using up a lot of mobile data, the elves recommend connecting to Wi-Fi before using the Reaction Recorder.

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Kids Corner (PNP Mobile App only)

  • What's in the Kids Corner in the mobile app?

    This is every elf's favorite section!

    The Kids Corner has 4 neat sections that are safe for your child to explore:

    1. Santa's Messages: Your child can watch the personalized videos you've created for them.
      NOTE: Back in the Parents Corner, choose a video in My Creations and then select Visible in the Kids' Corner.
    2. Advent Calendar: (Magic Pass needed) each day leading to Christmas your child will get a new magic moment video by opening the day's door.
    3. Santa's sELFies: lets your children see themselves wearing an Elf hat (selfie camera, may need aut)
    4. Talking Elf: 3 funny elves repeat everything your child says in strange voices!
    5. Santa's Voicemail: access Santa's phone answering service, specific answer by department...
    6. Tree Shaker: Have your child shake the device as fast as possible for 30 seconds in order to make as many decorations fall from the Christmas tree as possible. Mind the windows.
    7. Memory Game: You child can test and train their memory skills.

    Access to the Parents Corner is protected by a parental code, which prevents the child from discovering the making behind the magic!

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  • How do I make sure my child cannot access the Parents corner?

    For users who have a lock on their device, the parental code will be the same as that lock.

    For users who do not have a lock on their device, when you first install the PNP app you will be asked to create a 4 digit Parental code.

    This code will be needed every time you want to go from the Kid's Corner to the Parent's corner, so make sure that your child cannot guess the code.

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Santa's Village

  • What is Santa's Village on the PNP website?

    Santa's Village is home to fun facts, stories, information about the villagers of the North Pole, and more!

    Explore the mythology of Santa's Village with your little ones HERE.

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Santa-Approved PNP Certificates

  • What is the Santa approved Nice List Certificate?

    The PNP printable Santa-Approved Nice List Certificate rewards your child's good behaviour throughout the year by acting as physical proof that they have made it onto Santa's Nice list!

    The rare certificates are only available with the purchase of a Magic Pass during PNP's exclusive pre-season offer.

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  • How do I find the Nice List Certificate?

    If you purchased a Magic Pass during the pre-season, you will be able to find an option to download the Nice List Certificate in the My Recipients section.

    Each recipient will have this certificate available. All you need to do is select the certificate to download.

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  • How do I download my Santa-Approved PNP Certificate?

    To download the Santa approved Nice List Certificate:
    1. Go to My Videos & Calls > My Recipients.
    2. On right corner of the recipient's tile, click Download Certificate. Your certificate should appear in your downloads folder, and you can print it directly from there.

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