Storytime with Santa

  • What are the Storytime with Santa Videos?

    Storytime with Santa Videos are new videos you can personalize for the 2016 season. Available in English, French, and Spanish, Santa tells 4 magical tales of his elves on exciting adventures!

    Available exclusively with the purchase of a Magic Pass, the first tale will be available upon you have buy your Fan pass. Each other 3 stories are unlocked automatically in your PNP account every week in December leading up to Christmas and can be personalized by you for your child .

    To learn how to personalize Storytime with Santa Videos, click HERE.

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  • How do I personalize the Bedtime Stories with Santa Videos?

    Storytime with Santa Videos are Premium Videos, so they are personalized the same way as Santa Videos.

    To personalize Storytime with Santa Videos:
    1. Log in to your PNP account using your email and password combination, or by connecting with Facebook or Google.
    2. Select the Story you would like to personalize.
    3. Follow the steps to complete the form.

    Your personalized Storytime with Santa Videos will appear in My Creations > My Videos.

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