The Unlimited Passes

  • What are the Unlimited Passes?

    The Unlimited Passes are available on the Portable North Pole website and mobile app. They offer great value on PNP's most popular Santa Videos and Santa Calls.

    The two passes that are offered to fans are the Video Pass and the Magic Pass.
    NOTE: Passes are valid until September 30th of the year following your purchase.

    Video Pass: The Video Pass gives you unlimited access to Premium Videos (Santa Videos), including special video features, such as the Reaction Recorder (available only in mobile apps), as well as the opportunity to create unlimited video messages from Santa for all your loved ones. All Premium personalized video messages can be watched Online until the end of September, following the holiday season.

    Magic Pass: The Magic Pass offers the full Portable North Pole experience for the best value. It includes unlimited Santa Videos and Santa Calls, plus exclusive features:
    -Reaction Recorder (available only on the mobile apps)
    -Downloads of all Santa Videos

    All Premium personalized video messages can be watched Online until the end of September, the year following the holiday season. Afterward, they will be removed from your list in My Creations. But before then, you can save them as an mp4 file on any local device (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.) and keep them for years to come!

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  • Can I personalize video messages for more than one child with the Video Pass or Magic Pass?

    Of course! You can make as many personalized video messages as you wish. In fact, the elves encourage you to! So, if you have 2, 3, 6, or even 12 children, you can create an unlimited number of Santa Videos and/or Santa Calls for each of them.

    In other words, you only need to buy ONE Unlimited Pass for the entire family this holiday season. Isn't that magical?
    Click HERE for more information about our Video Pass and Magic Pass.

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  • When do my Unlimited Passes expire?

    The Video Pass and Magic Pass are valid until September 30th of the year following the purchase date; for example, if you purchased your pass on September 12th, 2018, it expires Sept 30th, 2019. If you purchase your pass on January 12th, 2019, it expires September 30th, 2020.

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  • Can I buy just one video or call?

    Yes, you can purchase just one video or call scenario!

    If you purchase a single video scenario, for example, Your Big Book', you will then be able to make as many versions of this video as you would like.

    If you purchase a single call, you will be able to create that call and place it once successfully.

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  • Why can't I see any products in "My Creations" after purchasing an Unlimited Pass (Video Pass or Magic Pass)?

    My Creations only shows products that you have already created, you will need to personalize a video or call before it will show up here.


    Every time you want to personalize a new message:
    1. On the homepage or the Parent's Corner, go to Videos or Calls.
    2. Click Personalize on the scenario of your choice and follow the instructions.

    Once your message has been personalized, it will appear in My Creations.

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  • What is the pre-season offer?

    Between approximatively October 15 and November 15, PNP has an exclusive pre-season offer that makes Christmas come a little earlier than usual!

    Only during this period, Magic Passes include two printable Santa-Approved PNP Certificates (one is brand new this year!) rewarding your child's good behavior throughout the year. These rare certificates are associate for each video you create during the holiday season!

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