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  • Why do I need a PNP account to create videos and calls?

    With your account, you can access all of your Santa Videos and Santa Calls on any device (computer, mobile, tablet, iPod, etc.). No matter where you log in from, the videos and calls that you've personalized or purchased will appear automatically in My Creations. This keeps your items secure and accessible even if you lose your device or update to a new one.

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  • Supported Languages

    During the 2016 season, PNP supported the German and Japanese languages on a trial basis.

    This may certainly be something that we look into supporting again in the future but, unfortunately, we will not be including German and Japanese language version again this year. That being said, we do have English, Spanish, French and Italian personalized video of Santa available this year.

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  • Can I merge my separate PNP accounts?

    Unfortunately, this isn't something that the elves are able to do at this time.

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  • When I try to log in, I get a message that my email address and/or password are not associated with a PNP account.

    If you have previously created an account, there are two possible causes for this error:

    1. The email you provided is incorrect.
    a. Make sure your email is entered correctly ([email protected]).
    b. If you have more than one email, try an alternative one.
    c. If you initially connected with your Facebook or Google account and are now using an email login, the email associated with your Facebook or Google account may be different than the email you have entered.

    2. Your password is incorrect.
    a. Passwords are case sensitive. Make sure your “Caps Lock” on your keyboard is on/off.
    b. If your password contains numbers, make sure the “Num Lock” on your keyboard is on.
    c. Check your keyboard language setting and make sure it's set as the one you normally use.

    If you forgot your password, click Forgot password? in the login pop-up window. The elves will send you an email with the next steps.

    If you're still having trouble logging in, contact the Invengineer elves HERE.

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  • What do I need to create a new PNP account?

    To create an account with your email, all you need is a valid email address, a password with a minimum of eight characters, and your age.

    NOTE: Age verification is a legal requirement for any user wishing to access a commercial website according to COPPA policy. Read more about COPPA compliance HERE.

    For an account linked with Facebook or Google, the elves will only verify your age if necessary, for the same reasons.

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  • What are the different ways to create a new PNP account?

    There are two ways to create a new account on our website. You can use either enter a valid email address or your preferred social media account (Facebook or Google).

    1. Click Log in on the top right corner of the website.
    2. Select your preferred option: Facebook, Google, or Email.


    There are also two ways to create a new account on the PNP mobile app. You can use either a valid email address or a social media account (Facebook or Google).
    1. Open the application.
    2. In the Parents Corner, select the gear on the top right.
    3. Select Log In on the top right.
    4. Sign in using Facebook, Google, or Email.

    NOTE: To log out, tap Log Out at the top right corner of My Account (the gear button) in the Parents Corner.

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