• Can I modify a video once it is completed?

    After a video has been created, you can edit everything except for the scenario that was chosen.
    NOTE: While the video is processing, modifications cannot be made.

    To modify your personalizations:
    1. Go to My Creations.
    2. Click Edit beside the video thumbnail you wish to modify.

    Personalized video messages with an option to download can still be modified once you have generated the file for download, but the video will need to be processed again.

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  • What if my child's name is not on the list of available names?

    This may be because your child's name is rare or has an unusual spelling, but the name may also be pronounced the same way as another name on our list. The elves recommend that you enter your child's name with a more common spelling (e.g. Isabel instead of Izabel; Anthony instead of Antony), or use language specific characters, or listen to the different options proposed by the dropdown menu.

    If this doesn't sound quite right, select See other options, and you will see a list of close matches that may be what you're looking for, or nicknames that you can use instead. Remember that once you pick one, you can still change the spelling of your child's name without changing the pronunciation.

    Still not right? Users who have made a purchase during the pre-season have the option to request a new pronunciation, and record exactly how it sounds, so that the elves can get it added to our database! Simply follow the instructions in the menu and wait for an email update. Just remember that it can take time to add, so make sure you make your requests early in the season!

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  • Why isn't my child's name displayed correctly in the video message?

    Don't forget that there's a distinction between the name displayed on screen and the way Santa pronounces it (display vs. audio). The name displayed is exactly the one you've enter in the form—not the one selected as a pronunciation.

    However, if you are using special characters in the first page of the form (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, etc.), it's possible that the characters are not supported in Santa's Big Book. Check to make sure that you wrote your child's name correctly in the form and avoid using characters outside the Roman alphabet.

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  • Why is Santa saying the wrong age in the Birthday Video?

    When you create a birthday video message, the birth date is used to calculate the child's birthday and age when their next birthday comes around. This means that if the video was created after their birthday, it will calculate the age the child will be next year.

    If you want your Birthday Video to be viewed AFTER the birth date, the elves suggest the following:
    1. Go to My Creations > My Videos.
    2. Click Edit in the video details of the birthday video, then go to the first page of the form.
    3. Change the birth year to set it one year later.
    4. Click Save and accept the changes.
    5. Go to My Creations and click the Play button in the video preview. Remember that the video will need to regenerate again.

    You should now see and hear Santa say the correct age, even if you're watching the video after the birth date.

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  • Can I make more than one child the central character in the story?

    Some of our videos have a group option this year, intended for groups such as childcare, school classes, sports clubs etc.

    However, at this time, there cannot be more than one central character in a video scenario.

    If you have more than one child, we suggest creating different Premium Santa Videos, one for each child. Premium Santa Videos have many different storylines, making it possible to create unique video messages for individual children living under one roof.

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  • Why am I having trouble uploading a photo in the personalization form?

    Make sure you're using one of the formats accepted by PNP: JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

    The size of the photo is also very important. Be sure your photo has a minimum resolution of 640x480 pixels, and that you haven't exceeded the maximum size of 8 MB.

    Be sure to create a new recipient, using one from previous years can cause problems when uploading photos.

    If you can't see the bottom of the pop-up box on the website, it is likely due to your screen resolution. Place your cursor on the pop-up box and scroll down using your mouse wheel. If this doesn't work, or if you don't have a mouse connected to your computer, zoom out in your browser by pressing the Ctrl and - buttons (PC) or Command and - buttons (Mac) at the same time, you may need to do this two or three times.

    In order to reverse this, you just need to press Ctrl and + buttons (PC) or Command and + buttons (Mac) at the same time.


    If you continue to have trouble, the Invengineer elves suggest you download the latest version of your web browser. If you're still having trouble, contact the elves for support HERE.

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  • Why can't I go to the next page when I'm filling in the form to create a personalized message?

    There are a few possible reasons for this:
    1. Every required field must be completed, otherwise, a warning message will be displayed.
    2. Your session may have expired. Just close the window and restart your browser.
    3. The command may not work because cookies are not enabled in your browser. If that's the case, you need to enable cookies. To find out how to enable cookies in your browser, click HERE.
    4. Verify your internet connection. An active connection is required to validate the different form pages.

    If you're still having trouble, contact the elves for support HERE and be sure to tell them what steps you've already taken.

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  • Why can't I watch my video anymore?

    The elves can think of two possible reasons why this may occur:

    The link to the video is not valid anymore.
    - If your video was created before 2015, it may not be available anymore. If you want access to the video, ask the creator if it was downloaded as a keepsake.
    - If your video was created since 2015, the link could have been changed while the website was being updated. Log into your account on this year's website and verify that your video is still safely stored in My Creations.


    It was a free video. These are deleted each year at the start of February.

    If this doesn't help, please contact the elves HERE to describe the problem you're experiencing.

    NOTE: Be sure to include the URL link (the web address in your web browser) of the Santa Video you're having trouble viewing.


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